The dates are not 100% confirmed since there are a lot of reruns and no true confirmed dates for when the animation was made or was first seen on TV. 

My placement of the dates of the commercials go after my current knowledge of where the designs would belong and based of the voice actors (Even then it’s unknown when the voice actor shift truly happened and a lot of the information online about the voice actor shift contradicts each other at times)
It’s mostly just me guessing.

Any commercial upload with a too butchered framerate or of too poor quality will be replaced if a better version is found, rerun versions will be put on here too if the animation differs/is available in better quality than the original. The links provided right now take you to videos uploaded by original uploaders from different websites  and are not archived by me yet. I will start archiving videos to make sure nothing is lost or links won't be broken with proper credit to where I found it. 

We do not have Honey Nut Cheerios in Sweden and we never have, which I think is depressing. They do not want me to touch that bee. 

If you have really gone through it all and see anything that has not been put on here that you have on you please send it to me!

Thank you!

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